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I was just wondering if this was going to be replacing your classic series: "Q gives a F.A.Q.", or if it may just be a sort of revival of the old idea.

A good question! How to Open a Tough Jar actually sat on my computer for a while before I posted it. I wasn’t sure if people were ready, to be honest..

Which character from media is your waifu ?

I was really shocked to wake up one day with my phone absolutely buzzing with notifications. That was back when I still had those on for comments, so I had about a thousand notifications by the time I was up. By that stage, the video had been up for a while, so I couldn’t grasp the sudden growth. It turned it someone had posted it to r/videos and it had hit the top spot.

What are your favorite bands and what are your favorite albums from that band?

I grew up loving bands like The Beatles and artists like "Weird Al". Today, I listen to a wide range of music, but the ones closest to me are probably XTC or They Might be Giants. Picking a favorite album is too hard!

Hey Quinty! Do you like video games? If so, whats is your favorite games?

It was very surreal reading all those reddit comments. Many of them mad! some said “I was watching this with my grandmother because we both like jars. I was disgusted by the profanity in this! I request a NSFW tag.” Sorry man, I never thought people would ever watch that video!

I am taking notes on how many People would like to see Takuya Yamashiro aka Japanese Spider-Man implemented in Sony's Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, so, would you like to see Takuya Yamashiro in "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse"?

I think the clear appeal of the Spider-Verse comic series was seeing obscure Spider-Men interact. Seeing Miles Moranis, Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen and the '60s Spider-Man in one story was such a cool thing for me. And (spoilers for those of you who haven't read about the comic before) at one point the Japanese Spider-Man arrives with his giant robot, giving one of the most obscure Spider-Men a featuring role in the plot. I think if the Spider-Verse movie didn't go out of its way to include references to Spider-Men like this (as well as the Spider-Men from any of the last three franchises), it would be a real waste.

Hey Quinton, just wanted to ask if you consider yourself more liberal or conservative or if you don't like to label yourself at all that's cool too.

I am an SJW

Been watching for a while, and it seems that you use the phrase "That's all you need" to end a lot of your videos.

The first thing I had to deal with, immediately, was other shady websites reuploading the stuff. The worst part is that they would insult me while doing it! The tags all read “neckbeard” and stuff like that. Youtube has such a good takedown system, with all the other video sites I basically had to write them an email asking them to take it down.

What is the most 'famous' (the meaning of famous being of your choosing in this case) youtuber that you've met? How did you react?

Here's the funny thing, I get the analytics for that day (where I must have gained 700k views on that one video) and guess how much I made? About $11. Apparently with videos that short, you get almost no ads. I was real bummed about that.

What do you think is a worse idea as a YouTube "star": Dating another content creator publicly or dating a fan?

One day, someone posted that they had just seen the segment on Tosh.0. I was shocked. Tosh.0 is still on the air? I thought it was a prank at first, but it turned out to be real. Have the episode sitting on my computer, never watched it. It’s become a part of the “lore” of my hometown. People I don’t know stop to ask me about it.

“Hey, did you know that you were on Tosh.0?”

“Yes. Two years ago.”


“Yeah, it was a big deal I guess.”

“Oh, I’LL say.”

Where do you think you’ll fine yourself in the next 5 years? 10? 15?

In truth, the jar video didn’t really give me much. I think I gained 200 subs from it at most? And I made no money off of it. The best I ever got was people in my home town thinking that’s all I’m known for.

In your Rudolph video, you showed pictures of a little girl, and claimed that those pictures were of you. Which leads me to ponder, were you born a girl and is now transgender?


why are you single?

What a creepy and intrusive thing to ask in a Jar-related Q&A page

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